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Creative Anarchy: an International Conference in Design, Motion, and Tech

In December 16, 2017,  a one-day international conference will be held in the Iloilo City Convention Center. Hosted by Creative Anarchy, different guests from the professional art industry will be speaking. It is self-proclaimed to be the “Biggest International Conference in Design, Motion, and Tech in Western Visayas, Philippines.”

According to their website, their mission and vision is: “to create an immersive, educational and thought-provoking experience that will stimulate creativity and continuous breakthrough in the world of design, motion and tech, and eventually become the global platform for forward thinking individuals to gather, interact and learn from each other.”

One of the ways they’re fulfilling this is by the speakers they invited. Currently, the list includes Dan Matutina, Leo Dinh, Lucinda Law, Acid House, Secret 6, Inc., and Matthew Encina. They’re all professionals working in the art industry, including animation and game development.

Their partners also include Skybiz enterprise, ICON (Iloilo Convention Center), Wacom, Makeblock, CTR Graphics and signs, and Concept Computer.

To attend the conference, you must buy a Creative Anarchy Ticket, which entitles you to a whole-day conference, interactive galleries, prizes and giveaways as well as an e-certificate.

You can find out more about Creative Anarchy in their website —

Featured image credit: Karyl Gil via Behance

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