What’s Wrong With The World?

You turn on the television and see dozens of rebels wearing black clothing, each holding swords, sticks, and metal rods, coming after innocent people, both old and young, in the Hong Kong streets, while the police closes their doors and does nothing. You turn it off. You open your phone and tap Facebook. You see a news report from the United Nations how the topsoil has decreased by 50% in the scale of a hundred years, and the threat of climate change. You see photographs of little children missing in the brink of another attack by the Taliban and other Iraq rebels. You stare at the faces of poor souls who succumbed to an unfortunate tale of poverty in the Southeast Asian regions, for a while, and then exit from social media. You then ponder on a single thought. “What’s wrong with the world?”

The answer — nothing. The world was made for this reason. I know what you as the reader might be thinking at this point, how and why? Let us put it this way. The world has a past, present, and future. Therefore, it has history. As all knows, history is a narrative, a tale, a story. And what are the components of a story? We have the characters, the setting, the plot, and the CONFLICT. You read that right. The world, which has a history and a story, is always consisting of conflict.

As we continue the article, we travel earlier back in time. Let’s start with the 1960’s. The world is in the edge of falling in war. Two superpowers battling each other indirectly. Each having its own allies and strategies to take the other down. Nuclear was also a centerpoint since it would’ve been the weapons of the warring nations should a war erupt. The Soviet Union and the United States of America against each other. There is conflict.

Bastille Day, French Revolution
Image credit: History.com

To the 1920’s up until the 1940’s. The world was at war. Peace ceased to exist. It took guns, tanks, planes, and atomic bombs to take that peace back. European countries against each other. Axis versus the Allied. Again, there is conflict. That brings us even earlier. The time frame is the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s. Colonies fight for ideals they think are worth dying for. They protest against injust systems and revolt with their aim of achieving freedom. The colonized wars against the colonizers. There is conflict.

Even in the last decades of 1700’s, there exists conflict. Nationalist revolutions spread throughout European and Latin American nations. In France, Napoleon’s empire brings reform and terror. “Call of arms” are done in every country. Even then, there were conflicts. But this conflict that lives in the world has even deeper roots. From the 1550’s until the 1750’s, the Scientific Revolution divided the world among two sides. What was “scientifically correct” now was “religiously wrong” then. Inventors were arrested and scientists imprisoned. For the fifth time, conflict.

Galileo Galilei before the Holy Office in the Vatican.
Image credit: History.com

As we step backward even more in time, we cannot avoid conflict. In the year 800, knights and kings battle each other for power and kingdoms in the Medieval Ages. Conquests in the Chinese Empire caused death of thousands back on the 600. City-states war each other on Classical Greece and Ancient Rome on the 1500 BC until 500 AD. Even earlier, battles occurred in the Persian Empire. The earliest Egyptians fought. Mesopotamia engaged in these conflicts too. Therefore, conflict existed as early as 3000 BC!

But conflict lived earlier than men. Dinosaurs fought each other for prey. Plants fought each other to get the best nutrients in order to live. Single-celled organisms fought to survive the world’s existing state. In fact, before the creation of the world, elements fought to determine which fuses with which and what creates what. Even Big Bang battled the timeless, inexplicable vast void to create the universe the way we know it today. Thus, the universe is created by CONFLICT!

The truth is that, this conflict will never stop. The world would continue to evolve, but there isn’t a parallel universe where wars and battles will end forever. Conflict keeps the story going, and the world is a story. What are we supposed to do then? Let them happen? Live with wars just around the corners? No and no. The world is not wrong. Still, conflict must not be overused. It is needed for history to proceed, but that does not mean tons of conflict should be stacked. As for us who are also citizens of the world and contributors to history, playing the part of advocating for peace and promoting unity is a solution to many wars and problems.

However, do not expect that it’ll erase the whole dilemma. Foresee that conflict will still exist and live on, even eons from now…

And that’s fine, if and only if it is not overused.

There’s nothing wrong with the world, unless we have a perspective that everything is a mistake. All exists for a reason, even conflict.

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