Empowering Youth, Reaching Sustainability

Sir David Attenborough once quoted, “surely we have a responsibility to leave for future generations, a planet that is healthy and habitable by all species.”

Socio-economic poverty devours lives apace, sparking horrifying consequences in citizens’ well-being. Hunger roams the streets, claiming a child every ten seconds. Inequality and terrorism coalesce to topple peaceful settlements. The environment is no excuse. Pollution has gone beyond than a warning; it is now a threat! Sewage and wastewater delve into the marine realm as the carbon levels in the ozone take a higher leap. Our planet is not the utopia children fantasize about, and definitely not the world our elders reminisce. A solution must be searched for, quickly.

PSHS-WVC scholars joining the International Social Science Camp 2019.
Image credit: Carlos Eusoya

It is no surprise that scholars from Philippine Science High School – Western Visayas Campus (PSHS-WVC) too would take a part in slowly obtaining our integrated goal of reaching sustainability, forging a recovered and preserved world for future generations. Thus, several students, each armed with a desire of the world’s perpetuation, took part in the International Social Science Camp (ISSC), an enjoyable yet rigorous activity spearheaded by the Borres Youth Leadership Institute (BYLI), on Mandaue, Cebu, last October 25 – 29, 2019.

International Social Science Camp 2019.
Image credit: Borres Youth Leadership Institute Facebook page

Numerous activities were in store for the scholars, namely: Thoreenz Soldevilla, Gideon Benedict Bendicion, Carolyn Sacate, Jeraldine Miranda, Carlos Manuel Eusoya, Jeff Emmanuel Sambrano, Raphael Dequilla, Julia Duane Selibio, Nicolle Angela Subong, and Maulyn Murielle Dominguez. The sessions and symposiums heightened their leadership capabilities, and honed their aptitudes in constructing solutions for the issues threatening our country and world as a whole. Along with their teacher-chaperone Joemar Ramos, they immersed themselves unto assorted perspectives that concern political, economic, and environmental stability.

Lectures and competitions revolved around this year’s ISSC theme, “Forming and Empowering Young Leaders and Educators in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)”. Students and teachers alike were acquainted with the specific targets of the SDG’s and the roles they play in the interdependent global community, as well as given a golden opportunity to voice out the dilemmas they believe are detrimental to society during the Young Leaders’ Forum.

Moreover, an assemblage of speakers shared their expertise on various domains of knowledge during the International Academy. Some discussions involved virtues and etiquette such as Self Care, Mental Health, and Student Leadership; while others depicted traditions, ranging from African Culture, Asian – Korean Training Program, African Games, and Hip Hop.

Furthermore, an International Night and Philippine Night were seperately held on SM Seaside – Skyhall and the five-star Waterfront Hotel, respectively.

In addition to the proficiencies earned throughout the course of the camp, PSHS – WVC garnered a multitude of awards, a testament to the skills showcased by the students in several contests. Eusoya and Bendicion ranked 1st Runner Up on the General Information Quiz, Miranda won 1st Runner Up on the Impromptu Speech Contest and Best Speaker on the Invitational Debate, and Nicolle Subong earned 2nd place on the Foreign Singing Competition. 

The PSHS – WVC Debating Team, composed of Miranda, Sambrano, and Dominguez as speakers, and Soldevilla, Selibio, and Dequilla as researchers, won 1st Runner Up, as well.

The debating team of PSHS-WVC won 1st runner up. Image credit:  Borres Youth Leadership Institute Facebook page

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