A group of scholars from PSHS-WVC campus and a group of scholars from another campus shared each others’ innovations.

Kids’ Innovation Camp and Challenge: Explore, Discover and Create

Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi 
Putting together and making advancement of your multiple ideas will create a new progress of something new which is your innovation.
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Discover. Visualize. Invent. Innovate. Our environment today has continually offered us a lot of questions-questions that need quick actions and effective solutions. Because of this, every human being must be able to uncover these mind-grueling questions by opening both their eyes and minds in realizing the situations that hinder the world’s environmental and socio-economic growth and prosperity. With these realizations and discoveries, we can visualize and look upon the thousands of unlimited possibilities that will either resolve or hasten and ease the work of everyone in the community. What comes after these are the magic of invention and innovation. When systems are broken, we create something from our necessity, and with time comes it’s better, modified version: innovation.

Grade 8 and grade 9 Pisay scholars gathered in Batangas for the Kids’ Innovation Camp 2019.
Image credit: KZ Galvan

To further attain and grasp the true meaning behind these powerful words, the Philippine Science High School System held the five-day Kid’s Innovation Camp and Challenge 2019 participated by the selected 8th and 9th grade scholars of all the 16 campuses of PSHS in the country. This event was held last November 18-22, 2019 at Chateau Royale Hotel, Nasugbu, Batangas.

The instructor taught scholars in the Kids’ Innovation Camp the simple five(5) steps to create an innovation.
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   According to Nick Skillicorn, innovation is turning an idea into a solution that adds value from a customer’s perspective. The camp gives you the reality of cooperating and interacting with other scholars. It provided them with knowledge and insights from respected authorities and experts in the field of science and technology. Throughout the camp, the scholars experience the means of an innovation procedure. It creates an environment, where they accumulate thoughts to innovate something (e.g. a device, machine, service, or a new process) that will be a solution to the problem of a community such as lack of water sources and availability, preservation and conservation of electricity, atmospheric pollutant detector, and other challenges concerning agriculture, water, and air. One of their goals is to create a good change and unveil creative ways to improve a community’s situation through continuous research and innovation.

A photo of grade 9 scholars making their prototype to show the appearance of their innovation and how it works.
Image credit: KZ Galvan

The Grade 9 participants, known as the challengers, showcased their outstanding prototypes and well-thought presentations. After months of preparation with the learnings they’ve received from the camp training the year before, each triad of scholars were able to come up with an excellent and innovative product worthy of warm praises and appreciation from the panel. Beside innovating or creating something materialistic, scholars in the camp also embodied teamwork, cooperation, and camaraderie from their peers. Well, a great scientist, inventor, or innovator must be able to communicate with their partners, share their thoughts and opinions in a humble manner, and acquire information from others comprehensively. Building up their capacity to work adequately in groups is significant for them. 

As for the PSHS WVC Grade 8 scholar Andrea Ruel, she exclaimed that she has learned many things from the camp and that it gave her the chance to enhance her thinking skills and capabilities. They have met other scholars from other campuses that enable them to establish new friendships as well.

A photo of Andrea Ruel in Batangas to attend the Kids’ Innovation Camp.
Image credit: KZ Galvan

A Grade 9 scholar from PSHS Caraga Campus also stated, “It was fun. I didn’t really meet a lot of friends, but having the lower batch was great because we finally got to interact. Though I hoped the whole thing would last longer, the experiences and events are worth keeping.”

A group of scholars from PSHS-WVC campus and a group of scholars from another campus shared each others’ innovations.
Image credit: Ma. Antoinette Lopez

The Kids’ Innovation Camp brings together a group of creative scholars to explore their ability to execute a solution for a community problem. Over a 5-day camp, they have provoked themselves to create their own innovative ideas, build prototypes, and pitch their plans to defend their stand. This event has brought out the vast imagination and creativity of the scholars necessary on how they will approach a certain issue that serves as a drawback of the country’s progress. Towards the end of the camp, the young innovators have obtained many skills in innovating which they will use to tackle community problems someday. They additionally at any rate create something new on what they have discovered, either in a materialistic way or not.

Scholars from different campuses of Pisay took a last pic together at the innovation camp.
Image credit: Ma. Antoinette Lopez

At the end of the day, the KIC’s aim is for the participants to uphold the scholar’s pledge: “I am a Philippine Science High School scholar committed to the pursuit of excellence foremost in my academic life and later, in my service to the Filipino people to whom I owe the gift of my education and to whose uplift l must dedicate my God-given talents and acquired expertise in science and technology.”

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