Agham Youth volunteers conducted Basic Mass Integration.

Agham Youth-WVC: Beyond Borders

A group of volunteers from Agham Youth-Pisay WVC conducted a BMI (Basic Mass Integration) at Barangay Batuan Ilaya, Oton, Iloilo, last December 21, 2019. 

Agham Youth volunteers conducted Basic Mass Integration.
Image credit:   Agham Youth WVC Facebook page

They participated in basic cultivation activities such as harvesting rice and sowing vegetable seeds.

“Everyone should not limit learning through textbooks, classroom and social media,” Joeylyn Terania, Agham Youth’s adviser says.

“There is a bigger source of knowledge that will open the eye of people, especially the youth who are labelled as the Pag asa ng Bayan. Community immersion especially to the farming community is really important to understand the struggle of those who bring food to our table yet they are starving and dying due to killings and unjust treatment,” Terania added. 

“Surely, this will not be the last outreach of Agham Youth members for we have a lot of things to learn and the  solid ground for learning is through immersions in the community and the people,” she ended. 

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