Team Voltage 5 won the silver award in the Young Inventor's Challenge 2020. Image credit: Nico Serrato

Behind What You Hear

The excitement gushes out from you. You couldn’t contain the eagerness inside you, wondering whether that day would be one of your bests. Your heart is throbbing with anxiousness and anticipation. The gray speaker- like invention that your team made together is right there in front of you, a device that converts sound to electricity, the S-light.

The S-Light prototype.
Image credit: Raphael Dequilla

Surely that would be your reaction if you were to be this situation, with such an achievement attained by you and your team. Well, that is made possible of five of our own Grade 11 students: Nico Andrei Serrato, Kirsten Dianne Delmo, Joecile Faith Monana, Frelean Faith Engallado, and Raphael Francis Dequila. 

The Grade 11 students with their invention, S-Light, during the Young Inventor’s Challenge 2019 in Malaysia.
Image credit: PSHS-WV

Before getting into it: “What is the S-light for? What is it all about?”

As mentioned earlier, the S-light is a device that converts sound to electricity. This invention utilizes the reverse process of how electricity is used to produce sound. Instead, it uses sound to generate electricity. When sound waves hit the diaphragm of the speaker, it causes the magnet and the coil to vibrate, producing electrical energy. That electrical energy can then be stored in a power bank which could power up a lamp.

The team, calling themselves “Voltage 5”, also said that the device can generate enough electricity to light a 5 watt LED bulb throughout the night if placed in an airport where the sound intensity reaches up to 140 decibels. This device can be practical in urban areas like Iloilo City, where noise sources like street traffic typically range from 70-80 dB, while even normal conversations can produce up to 60 dB.

According to Delmo, one of the members of the team said that they were inspired to create the device to help provide light to people in rural communities. That is also the reason why the gadget costs only 200 pesos, or an equivalent of $4 which was spent on the capacitors, an affordable price capable enough for a family with an average income to buy. A larger speaker with a lot more devices can also harness enough electricity for the whole community.

Their invention was part of the Iloilo Innovation Expo 2019, and was a silver awardee at the Young Inventors Challenge at the same year in Malaysia. Moreover, the group was also one of the two Iloilo qualifiers of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Space Apps Challenge which are set to compete in the global competition alongside two other qualifiers from Davao. 

Team Voltage 5 won a silver award at the Young Inventors Challenge.
Image credit: Nico Serrato

The adviser of the team of PSHS students, Xavier Romy Braña, said he hopes that his students can become an inspiration to other Filipino youth to pursue their ideas through creativity and hard work. 

S-light truly is a remarkable invention that might spark the minds of others to try to think of something of their own to contribute to the community. Their achievement is something to be applauded and we hope to take inspiration from it to do our best one day. Time will come that a new batch of young, cultivated minds will sprout and step into the scene of innovation and embed themselves in the spotlight of technological advancement. 

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