ALA Fair: Diversity of Talents

There is a page in the urban dictionary devoted to rastrophiliopustrocity, an eight-syllable word which means a “spontaneous combustion of creative spark that is followed by action in order to manifest and bring into existence”.

Philippine Science High School – Western Visayas Campus (PSHS-WVC) scholars are, without a doubt, projections of aesthetic talents. Yet, their raw skills alone are not enough. Add a flair of refinement, exploration, and camaraderie, and you’ll get a fruitful endeavor. The Alternative Learning Activities (ALA) Fair, held last February 28, is that endeavor.

A photo of SCILINK’s output and zine in the year 2019.
Image credit:  Mrs.  Marie Therese Ledesma

The ALA Fair is a part of the campus’s momentous Humanities Week celebration, which sought to sharpen abilities outside the walls of classroom discussions, as well as form solidarity between members of different clubs.

Each ALA was granted the opportunity to brandish their club’s activities through any mode of presentation, be it a dynamic song and dance number, a spoken word poetry recital, or a cosplay.

They  set up minor and major booths, both giving an outlook on the attributes of the club. Minor kiosks stood on the quadrangle’s “octagons”, ornamented with the clubs’ distinct hues. They also hosted minigames, an appetizer for the prime event: the major booths which were stationed all around the campus and anchored the gimmick of the various ALA groups. These booths acted as both a hands-on experience and a fundraising campaign.

Minor booths encompassed the Journalism Club’s chocolate stand, which gave out saccharines for a fine price; Volleyball Club’s balloon darting game; and K-Pop’s mini-shop for limited edition merchandise.

A photo of Volleyball club members.
Image credit: Ellen Faye Yabut

As for the major booths, Debate and Investigation Club organized an immersive escape room. Music Club offered serenades. Still can’t have enough? Stellar Club exhibited a glow-in-the-dark room, dubbed as “Stellar Alley”, where students ventured into the constructed cosmos. Journalism Club also offered shout-outs and confessions, while Dance Club had a slow dance booth. Basketball Club offered quick ball games and daring challenges, which’ll award prizes if completed. Table Top Games, meanwhile, had game boards available for renting. The list’s not over yet, there’s still quite a dozen more activities held in the Fair!

Five thousand pesos were awarded to the ALA who garnered the Best in Presentation or Best Booth title, the grand prize for the well-deserved scholars who persevered in accessorizing their booths and rehearsing their presentations.

“Due to the CoViD limitations that arised, the ALA Fair might be simpler this year compared to our previous celebrations, but I can still guarantee that it will be as exciting since it shows the effort, creativity, and talents of our scholars,” Shena Faith Ganela, the campus director, remarked. Indeed, the ALA Fair is a portrait of innovation, a bastion of varied knowledge, but most importantly, a product of consistent rastrophiliopustrocity.

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