RFID Technology Serving with Efficiency

Last August 7, 2019, the Philippine Science High School – Western Visayas Campus commenced the registration for the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Attendance Monitoring System as it would be a login and logout system for the scholars.

Govesmart Solutions, Inc. appealed to the members of the Management Committee (MANCOM) and the Information System Analyst (ISA) with the RFID Attendance Monitoring, a system where the administrator can manage registered accounts as well as generate attendance reports of students.

“We felt that adopting this system within our campus will be of great help in the attendance monitoring which will later, as planned in the future, extend to attendance monitoring in classrooms and classes,” Gabriel Bermejo, the ISA, said.

The system offers a convenient way of monitoring and informing the parents of the student using the registered phone number upon tapping the RFID chip on the kiosk in the Administration building.

Pisay scholars’ RFID chip
Image credit: KZ Galvan

In addition, the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) component in the system made it possible to send text messages.

The system however showed issues months after installation such as on-screen errors as well as system and database faults that prevented the system to record and send text messages until Govesmart attended to these.

Moreover, the school released the Student Policy on the Use of the RFID prepared by the ISA that explains how it is utilized in the campus. The said policy was approved by the campus director, Shena Faith Ganela.

Pisay scholars’ RFID chip
Image credit: KZ Galvan

Another school-based organization in Iloilo is also using the system aside from PSHS-WVC.

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